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To di for bakery, stoughton, wi

I love supporting small businesses

I’m so excited to share this blog post with you! A few weeks ago I visited Diana, the owner of “To Di for” In Stoughton, she is a cupcake QUEEN and makes all of her own recipes, creates these stunning baked goods and has grown an incredibly successful business.

She sells her baked goods at Cool Beans on the East side of Madison regularly but her main bread and butter (see the pun I did there. :p ) is providing gourmet cupcakes for weddings!


Tell us a little bit about yourself, how did you get into baking and what inspired your business?

Madison wedding dessert bakery

I’m Diana Matthews, or "Di" of To Di For. I'm a 27-year old southern transplant currently thriving in Stoughton, WI. I live with my husband, Aaron, and our two sweet fur babies, "Remy" and "Macie", who might as well be our children. It's a winding road that has led me to become a self-taught baker and entrepreneur. I’ve always loved cooking and baking but I never thought that it would be my career! I have a degree in Biology and had hopes of being a Physicians Assistant. Despite my work in the hospital and various shadowing/volunteering experiences I was not able to get into PA school. To Di For was actually born out of this season of disappointment and confusion. I was still working full time in the Operating Room when Aaron encouraged me to explore my talent and to see what it would take to start selling my baked goods. So thats just what I did!

to di for bakery madison wi

When I started To Di For, the food laws in Wisconsin were some of the most stringent in the country. This was before the Cookie Bill had passed, so I had to come up with a Commercial Kitchen space to use before I could sell anything! This definitely taught me to be resourceful and creative since day one. I worked out of a church kitchen for the first 18 months that I was in business, and I've since transitioned to renting kitchen space from a restaurant that is only open for dinner. To Di For just celebrated its 2nd full year of business in November. I'm writing a business plan and excited about what the next months/years could hold!

madison wedding photography

What type of baked goods do you specialize in? 

I specialize in gourmet cupcakes. To Di For carries all the classics but we REALLY enjoy drawing upon local and seasonal ingredients to inspire unexpected and creative flavors such as Peanut Butter & Jelly, Taste of Thailand, Hummingbird, and our newest Bourbon Butter Pecan. 

What areas do you service? 

Our kitchen (and pickup location) is in Stoughton, Wisconsin. We deliver to the greater Madison Area, and within a 2 hour radius for weddings. Delivery fees do apply! We also drop off cupcakes every Thursday at Cool Beans Cafe near East Town Mall. You can purchase our cupcakes there Thursday-Sunday. 

madison wedding dessert vendor

What advice would you give to brides on deciding dessert options? 

I'd advise brides to keep it simple... meaning pair your choices down to around 3 flavors. I know it seems overwhelming when we have nearly 40 cupcake flavors to choose from, but honestly your guests aren't going to know what they are missing. They are going to be excited about the 2-3 choices that you give them!  I usually tell couples to have one chocolate and one non-chocolate option. If you do that, you are golden!!

My other piece of advice is to BOOK EARLY. It breaks my heart to have to turn people away because they contact me two months before their wedding and I've had their date filled up for months!

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What is your favorite cupcake on your menu? 

That is such a tough question. I feel like my favorite changes with the seasons. In the spring/summer its Lemon and Strawberry. Fall/ Winter might be pumpkin or Peppermint Mocha. There's one cupcake though, that carries a lot of sentimental value. Its my Grandma Imogene cupcake which is based on my Grandma's zucchini bread that she brought to every family gathering. I can't bake that cupcake without remembering her. I always have to bake myself off a mini. 

What's the best way to get in touch with you? 
You can find me on my website or on Facebook/Instagram @ToDiForBaking 


to di for gourmet cupcakes stoughton wi

Chocolate or Vanilla? 

I think I'm turning into a Vanilla! Don't tell my mother... she's a self admitted "chocoholic"


Talented doesn’t even cover this lady’s skills. She is so amazing, please enjoy this interview and don’t just drool over the cupcakes, go pick some up and please go follow her on Instagram!

to di for gourmet cupcakes at cool beans madison wi

Sierra & Nick Madison Engagement Session | Madison Wedding Photography | Madison Engagement Photography

Miriam Bulcher

High School sweethearts

Sierra & Nick have been together since high school, how amazing is that? Every time I hang out with couples who have been together since high school, it’s amazing to me because their communication is so effortless and they respect each other SO much. Not that other couples aren’t like that, but there is definitely something different about high school sweethearts.

Madison engagement photographer

Sierra & Nick have this beautiful dog named Baxter, he will of course be making an appearance at the wedding too, but I was so excited to photograph him in some of their engagement photos too! He is seriously a beautiful dog, and though he didn’t seem to inclined to like me when we met, he warmed up after a while (thank goodness cause I desperately wanted to pet him!)

We took to the cold weather at Vilas Park and then over at UW for some super adorable engagement photos. I am so stoked to photograph your wedding next year, Sierra & Nick!

Vilas Park Engagement Session
Engagement Session Madison, WI
Madison wedding photography
Miriam Bulcher Madison wedding photography
Miriam Bulcher Madison Engagement Photography
Madison engagement session
Madison Engagement photography
Madison UW engagement session

I hope you enjoyed these photos!

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How to find your wedding photographer amongst the sea of photographers | Madison wedding photographer | Madison engagement photographer

Miriam Bulcher

how to find your wedding photographer

If you’re newly engaged or maybe you remember searching for photographers, overwhelming doesn’t even begin to cover it when searching for a wedding photographer. I’m going to cover some basic points that you should look for that will help you narrow down your photographers and help you find the right one for you!

  1. Find your style

Light and airy or a dark & contrasty editing style? There are those who land in between but this will be the first thing that will help you narrow it down. If you aren’t sure, keep browsing Instagram or interest to see which one catches you eye. Think timeless as well, will you love this editing style in 20-30-40 years?

Madison wedding photographer

2. Reviews

Reviews are extremely important because this is first hand feedback on how well this person operates their business and how they function during the day of a wedding. If you can, narrow your selection down based on reviews.

3. Pick 5

Start with 5 and go from there. Prioritize who you want first - don’t email them all at once. It can get too overwhelming and can send you running in the other direction not wanting to book your photographer at all right now!

how to find your wedding photographer

4. How quickly do they respond?

If they don’t respond within 3-4 hours, move onto someone else. This is the quickest way to scratch people off that list and move on to the next person! Those who are serious about YOU will respond immediately. You should be prioritized, you are potentially giving them your money.

Wedding photographer in Madison, WI

5. What questions to ask

  1. What is their turn around time? Turnaround time is HUGE. Do you want to wait for 4-5 months for your wedding photos? Many people may not see their sneak peaks for 1 month after their wedding (please note, this is not our process!)

  2. What is their shooting process like during the day? Do they make up a timeline for you (this is essential for a smooth seamless - stress free day!)

  3. Read body language, are they asking about you? Reiterating your needs?

  4. Ask about items that are important to you, maybe it’s an album or an engagement session, a canvas or a longer time of coverage. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

  5. Do they offer an online gallery? Where you can share with your family members.

  6. Are they flexible with coverage?Or are you locked in? (Note, you want someone who is flexible because somethings things come up at the last minute that you might want photos of!)


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Miriam Bulcher is a professional wedding photographer that photographs weddings with her husband, Paul. She based out of Madison, WI but serves all Milwaukee, Chicago, Galena, Dubuque and the Quad Cities + destination.

Bridesmaid & Groomsmen Gift ideas | Madison Wedding Photography | Madison Engagement Photograper

Miriam Bulcher

Where do you look look for custom bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts?

I have got the answer for you! Joe over at bridesmaid gifts boutique contacted me asking if I could try out his products and talk about them! How awesome is that?

I have seen quite the variety of bridesmaid gifts since I photograph weddings and see many of them in action on the wedding day. Joe let me choose a variety of items and I chose this adorable hot/cool mug.

custom bridesmaid gifts
madison engagement photography

Now, I don’t drink a lot or, any alcohol, but this thing WORKS! So if you’re having a summer wedding and want your girls to have something that will keep their beer cold, skip the drink sleeves and get them this! I honestly was shocked at how well it kept my tea warm, I couldn’t drink it for at least probably 30 minutes. It was SUPER hot. So, it’ll keep that drink just as cold too!

I love the hand lettered name, it’s just so dang cute and hello, rose gold, who can pass that up?

Options for guys too!

Don’t worry, there are tons of options for guys as well, just check out their site here

So be sure to let your fiancé know when you are browsing around!

They have TONS of amazing bridesmaid gifts, so go check it out and get that checked off your list for your bridesmaids! :)

Miriam Bulcher is a professional wedding photographer that photographs weddings with her husband. She based out of Madison, WI but serves all Milwaukee, Chicago, Galena, Dubuque and the Quad Cities + destination.

Why Headshots are SO important | Madison Headshot photographer | Madison Portrait Photography

Miriam Bulcher

madison head shot photographer

Headshots are simple right?

It’s not quite as simple as it looks and it really is a true reflection of who you are and what your business is all about.

It’s not 1990 anymore and the power pose with your arms crossed with a simple white or black background will actually push your clientele away from you instead of towards you.

Subconscious thoughts

You probably don’t give much attention to other people’s headshots, but your subconscious is making notes and either making connections from the picture to what they do or not making the connection at all (which is NOT good if you want to truly show an accurate representation of yourself and your business).


Here’s an example: I recently saw a headshot of someone who was sitting on the floor in their kitchen, this person is a professional, in a professional world and does well for themselves but I immediately was turned away by it because to me, it didn’t say professional. That would be appropriate for someone maybe who is a blogger or an influencer of sorts. Not for someone who is working in a professional industry. This isn’t something you might think aloud, especially if you aren’t a photographer, but these thoughts happen in your subconscious and will either prompt you to click, or not to click.

Your photos should tell your (business) story.

Your photos should tell your (business) story.

What headshots should include

  1. Did you know how important clothes play a role in telling your personal/ brand? Think Coca Cola, they have their branding, their branding colors, those colors together along with the font of Coca Cola make you think of the pop immediately (and also polar bears). Your clothes can do the same for you. Think of your clothes an extension of your brand. Who you are when you show up for work is extremely important and you want to show that in your photos. Another example of this is how companies have uniforms, it’s a representation of their brand.

  2. Hair and makeup / Hairstyle (for men). This is a HUGE role in photographs. It might seem minor but makeup is like photography styles (like how the power pose isn’t in style anymore) makeup trends come and go. If you are unsure of how to do your makeup, it’s important that you get a makeup artist that can accent your natural features without making you into someone else. This is about showing your best self, putting your best foot forward and the makeup not being distracting. All these points also apply to hair! The other part of this is that makeup too, on camera can look EXTREMELY different, be sure check that your makeup artist knows to use the products that look best on camera.

  3. Posing specific for your business persona. This is probably the most important point here. Posing used to be 50% of photography (think hollywood glamour) but it’s almost non existent except for in the fashion world. Yet, it is incredibly important to know that you look your best in photographs and posing plays a big part in this. You want a photographer who knows how to pose you, your body type and is aware of the physical features you want to accent or downplay. That’s it! (If you’d like some tips on how to pose yourself, check out my free posing guide that’s on the left sidebar of this blog! :) )

the importance of head shots madison wisconsin

Headshots shouldn’t take 10 minutes


If you a having your headshots taken in about 10-20 minutes or less, they aren’t accurately representing you or giving value to your business. Would you want these images printed out on a huge banner for a presentation, talk or conference you’re hosting?

Your headshots shouldn’t look dated in one year. If you haven’t changed much physically. Your head shots should last you approximately 1-2 years. Even longer if your physical body doesn’t change much, your business hasn’t changed their branding. However, that being said, you should rotate your headshots approximately once a year. It brings attention to your business when people see something different, even if it’s the same clothes on a different backdrop or a change in pose.

I hope that the above information helps your business grow. I absolutely love offering personal branding sessions because I want to help other business’s grow and to give business owners images that they really love and are professional, but not dated!

If you are in need of head shots for your business, all of my sessions include professional hair, makeup, wardrobe styling as well as posing specific to your body type. Contact me today to to set up your session! | 608-622-722

Miriam Bulcher is a portrait photographer specializing in photographing women to rid the fear of being photographed. She offers curated head shots, mother daughter, best friend and boudoir sessions. Her studio is located in Madison, WI and services Milwaukee, all of Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois.

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Blooms by Brandi Interview | Madison Wedding Photography | Madison Wedding Florist

Miriam Bulcher

blooms by brandi verona

Back in August I reached out to Brandi (owner of Blooms by Brandi) to do an interview for my blog and she was happy to have me out there to see her shop and get to know her world a bit better. Here we are in November after my fall busy season has ended and I’m happy to share this interview with you all!

Brandi is an INCREDIBLE florist that is located in Verona but services all of Madison. I’ve had the pleasure of her participating in one of our wedding styled shoots from September and I’m so thrilled that she is sharing her background with us today! Enjoy!


Tell us a little bit about you and your business. How you got started, the inspiration etc

Madison wedding photography

I started my journey into flowers at 18. A local flower shop that I had received flowers from had a help wanted sign. I needed a job while going to college. The part time floral job completely changed the direction I was headed! I finished just a 2 year associates degree then went full-time into the flower world. I opened my own shop in 2006 on Odana Road in Madison. Two moves later my shop is now located a block away from where my first floral job was in my hometown of Verona! I feel my design style is very color inspired! I have very strong feelings on what tones work well together!

wedding florist madison wisconsin

What do you love most about doing flowers?

I love that every day in my job is different! The seasons change the flower availability, each wedding is different, I really enjoy personalized funeral work. No two days are exactly alike!!  

madison wedding florist

Where are you located?

05 S. Main Street in Verona WI 53593

I am right across the street from Miller's Grocery Store

What advice would you give to brides looking for a florist?

- Pick some must have flowers you love and then leave a little of the design up to the professional. Sometimes we come across some  amazing flowers we would love to include!

- Have a couple color ideas prior to meeting with your florist

-If you have a strict budget be upfront with it so we can help you stick to it.

blooms by brandi wedding flowers

What's the average cost of flowers for a wedding? 

This is a loaded question!! It's similar to saying I want to bring my family to your restaurant for dinner how much will it cost. Your questions would be how big is your family, are they eating lobster or salad? So there is no easy answer. Each wedding is unique in the flowers, number of bridesmaids, reception table count, statement pieces...  I would say this year our average wedding with reception flowers is in the $3000 range. We don't have a minimum so some of our weddings are more personal and the price reflects this.

blooms by brandi verona
miriam bulcher madison wedding photographer

Cake or a donut? 

Can I have both? Sorry total sweet tooth! Cake.


To book Brandi for your wedding

Please visit her website here as well as her Facebook Page!

I hope you enjoyed this interview and stay tuned for my next one coming soon!

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Nicole + Travis Chicago Engagement Session | Chicago Wedding Photographer | Madison Wedding Photographer

Miriam Bulcher

Originally we had Nicole and Travis’ engagement session planned for an earlier Sunday in October, well this year unfortunately October had a rough go of it because the day came around for the session and it was incredibly dark, rainy, almost freezing weather and Chicago was not that pretty looking. Nicole asked if we could reschedule and it was obviously meant to be because this past Sunday could not have been more perfect weather for an engagement session!

It was sunny, not that cool and not even that busy at the Lincoln Park in Chicago! PERFECT! Thank you so much Nicole and Travis for braving the colder November weather!

Enjoy the photos. :)

Chicago engagement photographer
Chicago engagement photography
Chicago wedding photography
Miriam Bulcher chicago enagement photographer
Miriam Bulcher Chicago wedding photography
Madison Wedding photographer
Chicago wedding photography
Miriam Bulcher Photography Chicago wedding
Lincoln Park Engagement Session Chicago
Chicago engagement session in Lincoln Park
Miriam Bulcher Photography Chicago engagement session

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Miriam Bulcher is a professional wedding photographer located in Madison, Wisconsin and services Milwaukee, Chicago, Dubuque as well.

Black Friday Sale! | Madison Headshot photographer | Madison Portrait Photography

Miriam Bulcher

I am offering a HUGE Black Friday Special!

madison headshot photographer black friday sale

Normally a portrait session is $800, so this is massive discount.

Ends on November 23rd!

Sessions are 3 hours and include professional hair, makeup, wardrobe styling as well as the photo session. 1 Digital high resolution image is included and additional photos can be purchased. Sessions take place at my studio located here in Madison, Wisconsin.

Retainer of $150 to hold your spot on the calendar is required. :)

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I can’t wait to photograph you! :)

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