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Katie & Alex Monona Terrace Wedding Ceremony & Reception | Madison Wedding Photographer

Miriam Bulcher

Katie & Alex met at University of Wisconsin and it was super important to Katie that she had the epitome of Madison as part of her wedding. It’s quite amazing and fitting because she had envisioned what her wedding would look like (downtown with the Capitol as the center) before she had met Alex. It was meant to be that they met at UW!

The wedding and reception were at Monona Terrace and it was a beautiful day! We really lucked out because it was torrential rain coming down the day before and the weather report was being inconsistent. Especially because it was planned to be an outdoor ceremony I was hoping for the best - mother nature really came through!

I hope you enjoy these photos. :)


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The importance of the room when getting your wedding dress on | Madison Wedding Photographer | Milwaukee wedding photographer

Miriam Bulcher

Imagine Green walls in your wedding album

Nobody really thinks of green walls when they think of their wedding day. There is SO much going on and so many things to consider that sometimes some details get lost in the mix. I will help you to plan ahead and ensure that your day gives you the best looking photos possible! 

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More Natural Light = better photos 

Now, this may depend on your photographer but if you are booking a natural light photographer this rule totally applies, and applies to every single situation of your day: where the girls are getting ready, where the guys are getting ready, ceremony location, bridal party portraits, first look, dancing at the reception. Literally, everything. 

Natural light allows the skin tones to look their best and illuminate the subject when photographing them. Without this, skin can look muddy or washed out and can reflect the colours of the wall (so if the walls are green, your skin will have a green tint to it.) 

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Think of light when you think and plan your day

In the important moments that will happen in the course of your wedding day, think about the lighting in that situation. The venue, the room, park etc! If you are having trouble envisioning it, always feel free to ask your photographer for suggestions, they will gladly help you! 

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Getting Ready room sets the tone

Where you get ready really sets the tone for your day whether you realize it or not. If you have a room with natural light, you will receive beautiful images of your dress, flowers, details and also those crucial intimate moments between your mother helping you, your bridesmaids and sisters. All of those moments will flourish with the proper setting. 

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Ask your photographer for help! 

Don't be afraid to ask your photographer for their input. They would rather you do this than go into planning blindly. I always offer all my resources to all my brides to help them with their special day. It can be stressful but it's also one of the biggest days of your life. Let me help you enjoy it! 

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