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Rattaya & Matthew Madison Wedding | The Loft Sun Prairie Wedding Reception | Madison Wedding Photographer

Miriam Bulcher

Rattaya came to the United States from Thailand to be a nanny, she attended her sisters wedding, who’s husband is Matthew’s cousin. They spotted each other and started talking, what started as a friendship soon grew into something more. They started a long distance relationship as Rattaya lived in Texas and right after the engagement came to Madison to be with Matthew and to start full on wedding planning.

Last fall I photographed their engagement and civil ceremony to start Rattaya’s Immigration paperwork and it has been such a pleasure working with Rattaya, Matthew and family. They are of Hmong origin and it’s been so amazing to see the culture throughout this process.

It has been a wonderful journey and to celebrate Rattaya & Matthew’s incredible love for each other and the blending of families has been an absolute joy.

Thank you to all the amazing vendors who made this day even more special!

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New Studio in Madison! | Madison Portrait & Family Photography | Madison Senior Photography | Madison Luxury Photography

Miriam Bulcher

I can’t believe I get to share this with you all! I am so excited to have a new studio space that’s is located in Madison, not Sun Prairie and I couldn’t be more pleased!

Madison Portrait and family photography services

It’s super exciting for a multitude of reasons:

  1. I can photograph large and extended families up to 20 people!! So you can bring your grandparents and your family in for a whole shoot! Plus Grandma can have her makeup done too, how amazing is that?

  2. I can host events, and actually i’m having a beginners makeup class on April 27th!

  3. There is a whole other separate room to hang out in for loved ones/family/kids so that you can bring them along with you while you’re getting photographed. I will have a kids play area as well as a tv so there’s something for everyone!

  4. Private entrance. No more confusion on where to go! I have my own door! No missing me now. :)

  5. Easier parking.

  6. You get a better experience.

The last point is really why I got this space. I want my clients to literally have the best experience possible when they come in for a photoshoot. That’s why I started this portrait business and the studio is a huge part of that!

It’s located at 5310 Wall St. in Madison, WI. Stay tuned for a grand opening! It’s going to be amazing! In the meantime, go follow me over on my Facebook page, and my Instagram to see updates on me furnishing it!

Also, now is a great time to schedule a family session/extended family session, maybe as a gift for Mother’s Day? Contact me today to book yours! | 608-622-7752

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Fall Family Clothing Guide | Madison Family Photography | Madison Children Photography

Miriam Bulcher

Mom is the rose

You know if you look at a bouquet of flowers and when there are roses in there but other simple flowers around it that accent it? That's what we want then dressing for family photos 

  • Mom should stand out a little more than the rest. This can be done using patterns, texture in the clothing or just color.

  • Find mom's outfit first.

  • Dress everyone else's outfits around mom.

Choose a color palette

This is easiest done by creating a color mood board. You will see what colors can accent others and also not conflict with each other. 

This was our colour palette for our family photos last year. See photos below!

This was our colour palette for our family photos last year. See photos below!

Photo credit: Rachael Osborn Photography

Photo credit: Rachael Osborn Photography

Boys vs. Girls

  • Other than mom, if there are other girls in the family, they can wear a mixture of solids or another accent pattern that doesn't conflict with moms outfit. Or matching patterns can be worn - but no more than 2 matching patterns!

  • Avoid all matching outfits. It can be very distracting and undermine the expressions in the photo.

  • Men/boys look excellent in solid colors or very very simple, not loud patterns. These clothes are meant to balance the girls (if there are any) and compliment mom.

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You can still look cute and be comfortable without jeans

This might come as a shock but I'm here to tell you, that you can be cute and comfortable and not wear jeans! 

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To book your fall family photos in Madison, contact me today! 563.676.3980I have limited spots available! 

Catherine's Portraits | Madison Head shot Photography | Madison Portrait Photographer

Miriam Bulcher

Catherine was a runner up winner to the giveaway I held a few months ago and she came into the studio here in Davenport to have her portraits taken! I have to tell you, Catherine is an amazing person, she is a one man show in her own business that is extremely busy and on top of that, she has two beautiful children. I admire her so much and I was so glad that I could pamper her for one day while she came in to get pictures. In busy times it's important to take a step back to not get lost in the business of our lives, which is so easy to do!! I was SO glad that Catherine could experience some time for herself and take home some photos in which she looks amazing and can look back on! 

quad cities boudoir photography

Catherine's hair and makeup by me (Miriam Bulcher) 

quad cities headshot photographer

To see more of her photos, please watch below! 

quad cities family photography

Clothes and Wardrobe provided by my studio. I like to offer this option to clients as it can take a lot of the potential stress off of the shoot and in addition, adds more to the magazine like experience. :) If you are worried about not having clothes to wear, worry no more! I tailor clothes according to the type of look you would like to have for your session.

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To book a makeover portrait session for yourself, call me today at 563.676.3980! When was the last time you were pampered?