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McMahon + Keller Wedding | Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

Miriam Bulcher

Mary and Peter met through Church. Mary had just moved to Minneapolis and was trying to meet some locals. Being Catholic, she went to a Church event but wasn't have any success meeting new friends and finally decided that she was going to introduce herself to someone before she left. She spotted a couple and went up and introduced herself, turns out they weren't a couple but Peter was there with his sister. 

Quad Cities Wedding Photography

Mary became friends with Peter and made it very clear she wasn't looking for anything more than that. Well, as time went on their friendship turned into more than that and now we get to call them husband and wife! Peter is a pilot, so it's only fitting that their relationship (and thus photos) all share one theme: flying. As well as Mary's heritage: the Irish. 

Their wedding day, though it was raining, was incredible. The amount of joy, and love that their families have for one another is infectious. It was an incredible honour being apart of their beautiful day. Congratulations Mary and Peter!

  • Dress by Mori Lee purchased at Wedding by Deb
  • DJ John Vavrin
  • Rings from
  • Reception at Stanton Air Field who also helped with decor
  • Flowers by Mary and her friends: Joanie Saunders, Kaitlyn Takach and Elizabeth Eager
  • Hair and Makeup on Mary and some of her bridesmaids: Miriam Bulcher Photography
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