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Fall Family Clothing Guide | Madison Family Photography | Madison Children Photography

Miriam Bulcher

Mom is the rose

You know if you look at a bouquet of flowers and when there are roses in there but other simple flowers around it that accent it? That's what we want then dressing for family photos 

  • Mom should stand out a little more than the rest. This can be done using patterns, texture in the clothing or just color.

  • Find mom's outfit first.

  • Dress everyone else's outfits around mom.

Choose a color palette

This is easiest done by creating a color mood board. You will see what colors can accent others and also not conflict with each other. 

This was our colour palette for our family photos last year. See photos below!

This was our colour palette for our family photos last year. See photos below!

Photo credit: Rachael Osborn Photography

Photo credit: Rachael Osborn Photography

Boys vs. Girls

  • Other than mom, if there are other girls in the family, they can wear a mixture of solids or another accent pattern that doesn't conflict with moms outfit. Or matching patterns can be worn - but no more than 2 matching patterns!

  • Avoid all matching outfits. It can be very distracting and undermine the expressions in the photo.

  • Men/boys look excellent in solid colors or very very simple, not loud patterns. These clothes are meant to balance the girls (if there are any) and compliment mom.

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You can still look cute and be comfortable without jeans

This might come as a shock but I'm here to tell you, that you can be cute and comfortable and not wear jeans! 

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