Quad Cities Wedding Photographer | Why 2 photographers is Beneficial to your wedding

If you have started your wedding photography shopping, you may have noticed that some photographers offer a second shooter included in their package, and some may offer just themselves. Depending on the package you are looking for on your wedding day, only one may be required eg: for a 4-hour duration. However, for a full day of service, I am going to explain how having 2 photographers can enhance your day! 

First shooter photo

First shooter photo

More Photos. 

Everyone wants more photos right? Having another perspective of the event allows more photos to be given to the client. Though, we at Miriam Bulcher Photography always ensure that this is not quality suffering over quantity.

Second Shooter photo from the same wedding 

Second Shooter photo from the same wedding 

Ensuring the moment is captured

You never know when a guest is going to move while trying to get a picture with their phone/camera, this happens often and can make capturing the moment incredibly difficult. This is where the second shooter  can save the day. Having two shooters spaced in different locations is a guarantee that no matter what, that special moment will not be missed. 

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Your Wedding Needs

If you are planning on having an elopement, two photographers would be a party in such a small intimate space. The need for having two photographers will depend on the services that you need. Be sure to keep that in mind when you are wedding photography shopping, it is also great to include what style of wedding you're having when emailing photographers. 

I am currently offering free photobooth services to all wedding packages booked before the end of April, 2016. Please contact me for more information! 

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