Quad Cities Wedding Photographer | The Engagement Session

Hopefully, your wedding planning is going smooth since you started. You're probably considering booking your photographer for your wedding day. However, have you stopped to give your engagement session photographer some thought? 

Quad Cities Wedding Photographer 

Or perhaps someone you know who is a photographer offered to do your engagement photos but you weren't into the wedding planning at that point and just wanted to have some photos to share on facebook of this new step in your life! 

Having your engagement session with your wedding photographer can make a world of difference and I'm going to explain to you why! 

Davenport Engagement Photographer 

A more relaxed wedding day

When you meet someone for the first time, you don't really know them, it's all their word, and your word, right? You have to make a judge of character and hope for the best. If you hire a photographer to only photograph your wedding day, and you don't have any previous experience with them, there might be a little bit of yourself that is anxious for the process. 

Having the same photographer photograph your engagement session can ease your anxiety as to what will happen, how you interact or how at ease you will be on your big day. 

Wedding Photographer - Quad Cities 

The engagement session is an ice breaker!

You get to have a great time, laugh, chat, mingle and get to know each other. This really sets your relationship for your big day! You will be doing a lot of interacting with the photographer at your wedding, you want to make sure that you enjoy being around that person! 

Miriam Bulcher Photography

Engagement session fees are included in all of my wedding packages. Come book your session today! 

Miriam of Miriam Buncher Photography is a Quad Cities wedding photographer located in Davenport, Iowa. Miriam is a wedding, family, child and senior photographer serving the Quad Cities, Iowa City, Chicago and the surrounding communities.