Qud Cities Wedding Photographer | Getting Organized for the New Year

Happy New Year! So crazy to think that it's 2016 already! Did you make any resolutions? 

I didn't make any resolutions, however, I did make a few resolves

Work Smarter 

It's one thing to drive yourself to try and work harder, but I want to be smart about my time, especially that I have two little boys. Life gets hectic and every minute I use on my business needs to be efficient or I am losing time to spend with my children. 

Live in the moment. 

It often happens frequently that we get so caught up in life we are constantly thinking about what to do next instead of what we are doing right now. I want to appreciate my life more now and focus on it right now, one task at a time. 

Be more organized

I realized that not having an effective planner was really making it difficult to remember things, especially for my business. My phone is great, but it's also incredibly distracting with other notifications popping up. I wanted something that would really help me put my life in order. Thanks to the Rising Tide Society, I found this amazing planner and wanted to share it with you! 

Start Planner


This planner has everything you need to stay organized as a wife, mother and business owner. It is incredible!! The amount of thought and detail that went into this blows me away. I plan on using every single bit of it and I wanted to just show everyone how awesome it is! This really only touches the tip of the iceberg too! 

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Triple AAA batteries on the right for size comparison. :) 
Quad Cities Wedding Photographer | Miriam Bulcher Photography |  www.miriambulcher.com

Wishing you all a successful 2016 and if you need a planner, go get one of these right away!! :) 

Also, I still have some available days for 2016 weddings, if you know a bride looking for a photographer, send them my way! 

Miriam of Miriam Buncher Photography is a Quad Cities wedding photographer located in Davenport, Iowa. Miriam is a wedding, family, child and senior photographer serving the Quad Cities, Iowa City, Chicago and the surrounding communities.