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Time to start dress shopping! Of course I am going to assumed you have been watching “Say Yes to the dress” for years by now, right? However, now it’s your turn and you need the right assistance. However, sometimes before you go dress shopping it helps to know what looks good on you already, and that can apply to what you wear on an everyday basis.

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Body Shape

Body shape is everything, if you’ve ever watched “What Not to Wear” you will remember that Stacey London is always talking about dressing according to shape, as that gives you the best look for your body.

Realizing what your shape might be may take some time, and maybe having a good friend/fiancé help you or take a picture will help you figure it out. Once you know your body shape, then you need to find a dress that suits that shape perfectly.

How to figure out your body shape

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There are parts of your body that you love and also other parts of your body I’m sure you’d like to hide. Finding the right dress that is going to suit that is the goal! This article from the Knot goes into more detail on how to find a dress suitable for your body shape

The extra details of lace/sleeves/sequins/added belt are a nice extra to really make the dress everything you imagined. Also consider that the neckline you choose will also help determine the type of jewelry you wear, whether to wear a long necklace, no necklace or choose a shorter necklace with smaller earrings is important. While this may seem like a chore, these little details really help your overall look seem much more put together.

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Where to shop

Now that you have some guidelines as to help you with your dress, here are some locations in the Quad Cities which will greatly help you find that perfect dress for you!

-             A Storybrook Ending Bridal Shop

-          La Belle Vie Bridal Boutique

-          Hopes Bridal

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