Quad cities wedding photograher | Choosing your Venue in the Quad Cities

Choosing your venue location is one of the biggest decisions you will make and ties in with your style, persona, and decorations. 

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Lighting is essential for photographers, it is one of the main tools to create good images. Lighting can be the difference between a good photograph and a bad photograph, though of course, a photographer who knows how to use and manipulate lighting is key in situations where lighting cannot be altered very much. 

Sky, indoor lights, windows, wall colors, all of these things affect lighting.

If you want to have great photos, especially for getting ready and for dancing, you want to ensure that you have enough ambient lighting. Ambient mean’s natural light. So if you are deciding on a hotel for your personal preparation, be sure to look for lots of windows, and windows that splash light on 90% of the room. If the room is long and narrow and there is only 1 window at the end, this makes it difficult as it will create harsh shadows. 

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Your reception venue will determine how much light you have at your dinner and dancing, and also what time it’s scheduled at as well as the time of year you are getting married. If you pick a hotel that has a conference room with zero windows, that means you will have no natural light whatsoever, even if you are getting married in June with a reception at 5PM. 


The best advice I can give you is to look for reception venues that have lots of windows OR white walls. White walls allow for the camera’s flash to bounce off of it creating a more natural light effect. A more natural light effect produces better quality photos. 

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If your venue has really tall ceilings that are dark brown and absolutely no windows, this makes it challenging for the photographer. 

Here are venues in the Quad Cities that I personally recommend, their reception venues provide for great lighting! 

Quad Cities Wedding Reception 

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