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Lindsay Johnson is the owner of Chevrons and Champagne, which is a Wedding, Floral and Invitation's Design company. She lives and works here in Quad Cities, but also services her hometown Omaha, Nebraska. She was kind enough to let me interview her as well as take some pictures. I hope you enjoy the interview! :) 


How did you get into this business?

When I got engaged I loved the entire process in being creative. I went to school for clothing and textile design, so I’ve always just loved to work with my hands and do fun creative stuff which I wasn’t doing at my job. Then after I got married, I started telling my family two months in “as soon as I’m married I’m starting my own business! I’m doing this!” There wasn’t anyone here that did what I wanted them to do for my wedding.

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When did you officially start advertising your work?

I started an Etsy shop when I was doing my own wedding, and last August I reached out to a girl who is a wedding planner in Cedar Rapids. I shadowed and helped her at a couple of her weddings – I loved it!

Also, I had started Instagram when I started my Etsy shop and I kept doing all of these things, I kept building a following. Then I went to a Creative at Heart Conference in January and did a coaching with Kat at Dear Sweetheart Events. I adore her, she’s so awesome.  So she basically told me to put my facebook page up that week, build my Instagram and launch my website. I launched officially in April and I had a couple of brides who were mutual friends that booked me before that, and then I started booking new brides.

What would you say your main goal is with your business?

I want to go full time and I want to really create unique and special events that are special to the people. Not just “these are the latest trends on pinterest,” it’s all about the bride and groom.

What is your style?

My personal style is very girly and romantic, sparkly, but then I’m open to doing whatever the bride and groom want, rustic, vintage, whatever they want, as long as it’s actually based on them.

What is your style for your business, I see on your website that it’s pink and gold, what brought that about?

Just looking at wedding blogs and seeing what is going on, what’s trending on the coasts. I want to bring that to the Midwest because I feel there aren’t a lot of people that are offering it here.

My website is very me, I always want my brides to want to work with me, because they love my social media and they want to be my friend. It should be very welcoming and open to them, I want to get to know the bride and groom. As much as I want their wedding to be about them, I want my website to be personalized to me.

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Wedding Photographer Davenport 

So you started with the events design and how did you branch out to doing the calligraphy and floral?

So I launched with my invitations and calligraphy and really learned how much floral added to an event, and how much they have an impact on an overall design, and since I want to focus my business on the design of the event, not really the coordination, I feel like at least having a background and knowledge of florals is important. It can help the bride find the colours in the flowers, let them know what’s in season and what’s in their budget range. I think that’s so helpful and so important. Then I decided to add floral design because I love it so much. I started experimenting and I’ve done two full floral weddings so far which I am really excited about!

What about the calligraphy, do you have a background in design? How did you think that it would all flow together?

Most people don’t just pick up a calligraphy pen and say “oh I think I’m going to do this!”

Right! Well I bought myself calligraphy pens for my wedding and I loved it. When I started doing it, it’s so pretty and it’s so on trend right now. It was something I loved adding to my wedding. I felt like it added a really special touch. I really stressed to continue learning, finding new things and staying on top of the trends so that I can continue to offer those things to my bride and groom.

What would you say inspires you on a daily basis?

I love looking at Instagram, I am very visual. Sometimes reading a blog is just clicking the link and reading everything, it can be time-consuming. I take screen shots of everything in Instagram, my phone is filled to the brim and the memory is full because I have taken so many screen shots! Just things I like, and what I’m inspired by. I take those and put them in my own direction and bring them to life in a different way so that I can meet my bride and groom’s needs.

You’re a leader for a local group called “Tuesday Together’s,” an expansion of “The Rising Tide Society” which is geared towards community for vendors and creatives. How did you get involved?

So the conference I went to in January is run by Kat from Dear Sweetheart events, and Natalie Franke was one of the speakers and she was absolutely amazing, I think she’s only 25 years old and is a full-time photographer, charges huge amounts to shoot a wedding and I love that those girls are so encouraging. They are so open to assist other small business owners, which is so important to my business. I want to make those relationships and help people who want to get started in this field, because if I didn’t have those people that encouraged me I wouldn’t be where I am with the business right now. So then in April that Natalie and Krista launched Rising Tide Society and I applied to be a leader right away. I thought it was something that was so important and something that I love to bring to this community. It’s so fun to meet everyone and hear everyone encourage each other. For once nobody is like “Oh, I’m a photographer and I’m the only one you can be friends with” or “I’m a wedding planner, I can’t be friends with other wedding planners” It’s so hard if that’s how it’s going to be, cause then your small business is so lonely.


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