Quad Cities Wedding Photography | Choosing your Wedding Style and Colors - Where do I start?

You just got engaged, congratulations!!! You've had butterflies, it's so exciting, you're making this huge step in your life and you want it to be *perfect!* so, the first thing you do is go on Pinterest. Am I right? Pause, exit out of Pinterest please, for just a moment! It's easy to get excited, and it's also very easy to get overwhelmed with detail, browsing magazines and seeing all these amazing styles, all the DIY centrepieces, and it's basically like being surrounded by an  entire world of bacon, you just want to eat it all!! Here's the catch. Planning your style and deciding on what type of wedding you're going to have when it comes to decorations starts with: you. Yup, you. You're probably confused because you think, me? I need to get ideas from Pinterest, magazines, etc. 

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You, your fiancé are the center of the wedding, everything revolves around you, so why wouldn't your style simply include both you and your soon to be husband? Not quite that simple. Stay with me! 

A lot of brides get overwhelmed, there is simply a flood of ideas and options out there for decor, dresses, venues, color themes, you name it and a lot of times a theme is chosen but it really doesn't quite fit right. It's stressful, hasty decisions might be made, the decor (or dress) might have been changed multiple different times because it's just so hard to make up one's mind! 

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Before you start filling up that wedding binder full of pictures and ideas, take some time to sit down and chat with your fiancé. You You both know each other really well, so you can go through a simple list of ideas that will help you eliminate or determine which style you want to go with. Is a country theme appropriate? Are you a fashionista and you dream of high arches, fancy drapes? Are you more into the hippie style, loose dress, flower crown, backyard wedding? Do you want exotic invitations or simple ones? Do you hate DIY but yet feel pressured to go down this road due to a budget? Are these questions giving you a headache? 

Wedding style comes down to what YOUR style is, where is your favourite place to relax? What is your favourite colour? What flowers make you the most happy? It's easy to feel pressured, especially when you see lots of great photos and wedding decor on websites, but it has to resonate with you and make you feel happy most of all. Really dig deep if you want, write a list down of all the things that make you the happiest when it comes to the options that are available out there. Don't try to compare, don't try to feel pressured to have this overly grand wedding if that's not your style. Nothing is better than arriving to a wedding and seeing every detail connect to the bride and groom in every way: personal, meaningful, a show of the blend of personalities from the bride and groom, intertwined into a beautiful creation. 

Pinterest Wedding Ideas 

Okay, I may have gotten slightly carried away with words. 

Here are some other ideas to help you try and find your style. This will make it easier when you are browsing Pinterest, to really narrow down the ideas that will help style your wedding. It will also make it easier to not get quite so carried away with a variety of style ideas. 

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