Baby Lucy

So you may have noticed my new website, YESSS!!! This is very exciting for me! It's a huge upgrade and I've added some things that will make running a photography business much easier. Like being able to sign and pay for your contracts/deposit right from this website! How super is that? 

Also, I've made it more user friendly and it's very easy to access on your mobile! Let's face it, how many of you check out your photos on fb right from your phone first? Mmmmm ya! :) 

I hope you like my website as much as I do, and I am going to try and blog more, sometimes it might not be about a session I just had but there will always be photos! :) 

Now, onto this beautiful baby girl I photographed last week! 

I photographed Bri and her family when she was pregnant, we got some lovely maternity photos and also some great shots of Grace (older sibling!) I came over and set up for the shoot, and man, those two girls will just melt your heart! So adorable and you can tell Grace is SO in love with her sister!! 

Miriam Bulcher Photography
Miriam Bulcher Photography