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Miriam Bulcher

Mother’s Day is just around the corner!

It’s time to start thinking now what you’re going to gift the mom or grandmother in your life! They’ve worked so hard and maybe they still are working hard for you. Raising humans is no easy task and I’m here to help you solve your Mother’s Day Gift dilemma!

Introducing the Ultimate Luxury Mother’s Day Photo Session. It’s the epitome of pampering and I’m going to tell you why! Watch the video below:

madison photographer

For $99 you get all of the following:

  1. In Home Wardrobe Consultation

  2. Professional Hair and Makeup

  3. Celebrity like photoshoot including posing for your body type so that you LOVE your photos.

  4. Look AND feel amazing!!

You can gift this session to someone else or you can get it for yourself! Let’s celebrate mom by pampering her!

My photography studio is located in Madison, WI and it’s the perfect place for a girls day out if you want to bring your daughter, sister or best friend!

Contact me today to gift or schedule your session! 608-622-7752 |

You can also view more information about this Mother’s Day photo shoot here.

You need to ask your wedding photographer how they store your photos | Madison Wedding Photographer | Wedding Photography TIps

Miriam Bulcher

It’s a crucial and very necessary question.

Yet, probably one you wouldn’t have thought to ask but I’m here to help! I had a situation come up recently where I had to go back into my archives and get photos for clients, ones that were not delivered.

I’ve heard too many horror stories from other friends, acquaintainces and clients friends about wedding photographers and I really want to eliminate any of those scenarios happening to you, which is why I am bringing you this video today!

Storage is a huge part of a photographer’s life .It’s expensive, but SO NECESSARY. Especially because I warranty my clients their photos for life and for the “just in case” terrible scenarios that nobody wants to happen but do happen sometimes. Watch for more information on why you should be asking your wedding photographer at the consultation, how they handle storing photos.

I hope this helps all brides who haven’t booked their photographer yet and are currently in consultations with photographers. I personally think this is one of the most important questions you could ask in a consultation!

My husband and I are currently booking 2020 weddings! If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Madison or for a destination wedding, give us a call! 608-622-7752!

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Julie Pillard Mother & Daughter Portrait Session | Madison Family Photography | Madison headshot photographer

Miriam Bulcher

A beautiful mother daughter portrait session

Julie has been following me for a while on my facebook and reached out to me in November when I had a black friday special. She really wanted to do photos not just for herself but for her daughter too! She wanted to create some beautiful memories that she could share with her daughter not just now, but for forever and pass them onto her as a momento. She was excited to make a day trip to Madison from the Quad Cities and spend some quality time with her daughter at my photo studio.

madison family photographer
Madison headshot photographer

Julie was especially excited for the professional hair and makeup, it’s included with each session so that you feel pampered and good about yourself, cause it shows in the photographs! Whenever a client is so excited for their hair and makeup it makes me even more excited too, there can never be enough joy for getting your photos taken!

After hair and makeup we looked at wardrobe, Julie brought a few things with her from home but she was really interested in my studio wardrobe. After digging around she decided on a GORGEOUS green dress that fit her perfectly and made her photos look so amazing!

Thank you so much Julie for choosing me to photograph you and your beautiful daughter!

Madison children photography

I am going to be posting a special soon for mother/daughter or grandmother photo sessions for Mother’s Day! If you are interested, please stay keep an eye on the blog and my facebook page!

Contact me today to book your personalized photo session. 608-622-7752 |

How to decide on a wedding photographer | Madison Wedding Photography | Milwaukee wedding photography

Miriam Bulcher

It’s engagement season and if you’ve done a google search for wedding photographers lately your anxiety is probably through the roof. I get it, totally. When I was looking for our wedding photographer I was so frustrated I actually gave up and it was my husband that found our photographer, ironically enough! It makes perfect sense when I think back about it because he’s the more patient one out of the two of us so of course he had the patience to go through all the links on google at the time.

Photo by Natashia Nicole Photography

Photo by Natashia Nicole Photography

There are SO many options out there and I want to help you, really, I do, even if you don’t book us as your photographers, I don’t care because dude, I’ve been in your shoes and I’d love to offer a helping hand amidst all the rest of the wedding planning you have to do!

We’d love to chat if you’re looking for a wedding photographer! Contact us today at or call us at 608-622-7752

We service Madison, Milwaukee, WI and Chicago, IL. We do photograph all over the country and love to travel!

Lucy Haug Boudoir & Headshot session | Madison Headshot Photographer | Madison Portrait Photography

Miriam Bulcher

Such an incredible soul.

boudoir photography madison wisconsin

Lucy booked a boudoir session and when we talked on the phone, she said she wanted to do something for herself as she hadn’t done anything like this in years. She also said she wanted me to photographer her the way I envsioned as an artist. Such warming words for my heart because that is the goal, to trust the person who is photographing you.

I was in awe when Lucy came in because she has such an energy about her, she is an incredible confident woman and you can feel that when you speak with her. She has been apart of the Madison Opera for years and needless to say, it was my honour to do her makeup and photograph her. Especially on someone who has had their makeup done so many times.

We went through a variety of outfits and all I can say is wow, I am beyond lucky that I get to photograph such incredible women. I hope you can see her strength through these photos, just as I did when I met her!

Madison boudoir photography
Professional headshots, Madison wisconsin
Madison headshot photographer

If you are looking to book a boudoir session or you need professional headshots, I would absolutely love to photograph you! Call me at 608-622-7752 or email me at

I have a studio located in Sun Prairie, WI and it’s perfect for this yucky time of year! :)

Headshot Special for $99 | Madison Headshot Photographer | Madison Business Photography

Miriam Bulcher

Madison headshot photographer

Custom Personal Branding Headshots

Do your current headshots fit your brand? It should! Let's create images personalized to your brand or business that attracts your client.

madison headshot photography
miriam bulcher photography madison headshot photographer
Miriam Bulcher is a fantastic photographer and I highly recommend her services. She has a great eye for beauty and art and because of her multiple talents (hair, makeup, photography) she is able to not only help you create those moments but capture them as well. She has great ideas and clearly communicates them with you while also making you feel very comfortable. Miriam works hard to ensure that you will be happy with the final product and I definitely was. I love how mine turned out and will cherish them forever!
— Courtney


What you'll receive in this headshot session 

  •  In home wardrobe consultation & styling

  • 3 hour Personalized Headshot Photo Session

  •  Photo Reveal & Purchasing session

  •  With your portrait order, receive the gift of a beautiful metal desk portrait valued at $250!

  • Share the session with someone you love and have a great time!




Madison business photography
Headshot photographer in madison
madison headshot miriam bulcher photography
Miriam is absolutely lovely to work with. She’s a true professional who knows exactly what she’s doing. You get a full makeover, so she is putting a lot of work into your session. Meanwhile, you’re conversing and not even noticing the talent that goes into all of this...until you see your photos! That’s when you find yourself floored because you had no idea you could look that good on camera. And, at the same time, it’s still YOU. She nailed it and I’m so happy with my photos!
— Crystal



Canada Photo Session Dates

Miriam Bulcher


All times will show up in your respective time zones.

Each photo session includes 40-60 images and the retainer can be sent to, the date will not go into my calendar until the retainer is paid.

toronto family photographer

If the weather is adverse on the date that you scheduled your session my travel dates are flexible and it can be rescheduled for the following day or within 2 days if the weather is bad. If the weather prevents the shoots even with rescheduling, you will get your retainer refunded.

I can’t wait to photograph you all!! <3 <3

Cierra Boudoir Shoot | Madison Boudoir Photography | Madison Boudoir Session

Miriam Bulcher

I had reached out to Cierra to do a modelling session for boudoir as I wanted to some more portfolio work to show others and she was happy to oblige!

She came over to my studio and I asked her to bring a dress shirt with her, I wasn’t totally sure how I was envisioning the dress shirt but hey, I tend to fly by the seat of my pants occasionally. We started with hair and makeup which, she is naturally stunning so it made my job easy!

Another reason I do modelling sessions is so that I can try out new methods and new lighting techniques to bring my clients the absolute best images. I was so happy to try out a few new things and I hope you enjoy seeing them below!

All photos are taken at my studio located in Sun Prairie, WI.

Madison boudoir photography
Madison boudoir photos
boudoir session in madison wi
Madison boudoir session
Milwaukee boudoir photography
Boudoir photography milwaukee wisconsin
boudoir photos madison wi
miriam bulcher photography madison boudoir photogrpahy
miriam bulcher photography boudoir sessions madison wi
Madison boudoir photography miriam bulcher photography
madison boudoir session
madison headshot photography
madison portrait photographer
Madison headshot photography

If you are looking to do a boudoir session or to get some updated headshots, send me a message! :) My studio is located in Sun Prairie, WI and it’s the perfect time of year to get some photos taken in the warm indoors!

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Boudoir Sessions for Valentine's Day | Madison Boudoir Photographer | Milwaukee Boudoir Photography

Miriam Bulcher

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!

madison boudoir photography
madison boudoir sessions

Valentine’s day gifts can be tricky if you’re running out of ideas. Many women are afraid of getting photographed with minimal clothing on, and often times the idea of getting photographed in lingerie is terrifying. Totally get it, which is why I don’t push lingerie at all!!

This year I am offering a simple sheet session where you can cover or show as much as you want. Every single woman I’ve had in my studio is has mentioned that they were nervous going into the session but felt SO comfortable towards the end and after the session was over.

All of my sessions include professional hair, makeup and wardrobe if you want it! Simple is best!

Until December 31st, you can get all of this including a few digital images for just $99! Click here to schedule your spot today!