Shelly + Frank 20 year anniversary | Quad Cities Wedding Photography | Davenport Weddings

Miriam Bulcher

I had hosted a giveaway this past time for a portrait session. The reason I had posted this is that I really wanted women to experience the "portrait experience" and feel empowered for a day! Shelly was the winner of this giveaway and she asked me if there was a possibility that instead of having photos of just herself, she could do it with her husband. Of course, I said yes because it is so important to not only document our lives but that of a marriage and especially one that is 20 years young! 

Shelly came to my studio in Davenport first before the session to get her hair and makeup done. Then we went outside to get some beautiful sunset shots of her and Frank. They hadn't had pictures done together since their wedding day! 

Shelly, you are stunning and I am so glad that you asked me to photograph the two of you together! Happy 20 year Anniversary! 

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Makenna + Bryce | Quad Cities Wedding Photography | Davenport Engagement Photography

Miriam Bulcher

I met Makenna through a local business group here in the Quad Cities in May, she is so so sweet and we became acquaintances right away. A little later on I was looking for some anniversary photos of my husband and me, so I contacted her to see if she was interested, and not only was she interested but we decided to swap services! I love supporting my fellow photographers and really believe that helping each other out is the only way to succeed in life and business. 

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It turns out that Makenna's session was a little bit extra special because she and Bryce are expecting a baby!! She had the absolute cutest balloon and sign and I'm in love with them. They are so genuine and are just so in love and excited for this baby, I didn't want to leave! 

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Emily Custodio | Quad Cities Family & Newborn Photography | Bettendorf Family Photography

Miriam Bulcher

Meet Emily Custodio

My dear friend Hannika, just had her baby Emily on June 30th and I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing her for the first time! 

Bettendorf photographer

I went over to Hannika's house on Sunday because I don't think a new mom should leave the house so soon after having her baby! Recovery is so important especially in the first 6 weeks. We started with makeup for mom (because who doesn't love to have their makeup done?) and then took some lifestyle photos of the baby, her brother, parents, and grandparents! 

Quad Cities Family & Newborn photography

Thank you Hannika, for allowing me to be a part of such a special time in your lives. It's a pleasure to know you and congratulations on your new addition! <3 

To view more photos please watch here! 

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Catherine's Portraits | Quad Cities Boudoir Photography | Quad Cities Portrait Photographer

Miriam Bulcher

Catherine was a runner up winner to the giveaway I held a few months ago and she came into the studio here in Davenport to have her portraits taken! I have to tell you, Catherine is an amazing person, she is a one man show in her own business that is extremely busy and on top of that, she has two beautiful children. I admire her so much and I was so glad that I could pamper her for one day while she came in to get pictures. In busy times it's important to take a step back to not get lost in the business of our lives, which is so easy to do!! I was SO glad that Catherine could experience some time for herself and take home some photos in which she looks amazing and can look back on! 

quad cities boudoir photography

Catherine's hair and makeup by me (Miriam Bulcher) 

quad cities headshot photographer

To see more of her photos, please watch below! 

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Clothes and Wardrobe provided by my studio. I like to offer this option to clients as it can take a lot of the potential stress off of the shoot and in addition, adds more to the magazine like experience. :) If you are worried about not having clothes to wear, worry no more! I tailor clothes according to the type of look you would like to have for your session.

Davenport headshot photographer

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My beautiful sister and niece | Quad Cities Family Photography | Destination England Family Photography

Miriam Bulcher

When I was visiting my sister in London back in May, I wanted to take some photos of her because she is expecting her second, a boy! Also, my niece is pretty darn cute so I wanted to capture both of them together. :) 

My visit in London was so nice and relaxing, though I was definitely tired from my already week and half of travelling in France, it was so awesome to spend time with my sister and she showed me more of London that I hadn't seen yet. It also included an amazing ice cream in China Town but I'm going to share that in a separate post! 

Quad Cities Family Photography

Sarah's makeup by me. 

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Celebrating family in Canada | Canada Destination Photography

Miriam Bulcher

Since it's  Canada day tomorrow, I wanted to write a post in celebration of my Canadian heritage. Many of you may or may not know that I am Canadian, born and raised in Nova Scotia, I had an amazing upbringing and really did not think in my wildest dreams that I would live in the US, but here I am!! 

This year I had the amazing opportunity to fly back to Canada to photograph some clients. I stayed in Ottawa, Ontario for Mother's Day weekend and I'm going to share with you this beautiful session. 

Ottawa Family Photography

Jana, Richard and Hazen. 

I first met Jana and Richard in 2014 while Jana was pregnant with Hazen. They were looking for some maternity photos so I went out to their beautiful home and we had a great time! Then Hazen was born so we got some amazing pictures of him when he was 6 months old, also in their home! 

Hazen here at 6 months old! How adorable is he?!!! 

Hazen here at 6 months old! How adorable is he?!!! 

Next Jana and Richard were getting married so I was so honoured when they asked me to photograph their wedding a year later! 

This year has been the first time I have seen them since their wedding and we also took pictures again at their home, it was only fitting to do so. 

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Here's to continuing to see Hazen grow. This is why I love my job so much. 

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My growing boys | Quad Cities Family Photography

Miriam Bulcher

For those of you who many not know, I have two beautiful crazy little boys. Richard is 5 and Aaron is turning 4 in August. My life is, shall we say....rough. Now, not in the sense that you're thinking but if you've ever been surrounded by a lot of boys well, you know what I mean.

Boys play hard

I mean, literally, hard. In the sense that they don't understand the word "gentle." So everything is attacking, smashing, hitting, wrestling 24/7!! I don't get many snuggles, which is okay but they do tell me they love me, so there's that to help me out. ;) 

It's been quite an adjustment for me these past two years, they play SO much, and they are dirty all the time. I really think people must come to the conclusion that I do not bathe my kids, well I do. I PROMISE!! It's just that it doesn't matter because the next morning they are out in their sandbox IN THEIR PAJAMAS before I'm even up out of bed. Dirty again already. It's like being clean is too much of an invitation to get dirty again and they just can't resist!! 

2016 on the left and 2017 on the right. Different lens and different editing style then! 

2016 on the left and 2017 on the right. Different lens and different editing style then! 

The only time they look clean is in pictures

Really though, this is the truth. We went to Church on Sunday and it's a miracle they didn't dirty their Church clothes but we made it to 7pm and they looked nice so I grabbed the chance to do their summer photos. 

Last year we took them in Rock Island and so I thought it would be cute to take them in the same spot every year and then 10 years from now see how much they have grown! 

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It's a miracle really that they hugged without complaining. Most of the time they do fight or complain about something. ;) 

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Dani + Aaron Engagement Session | Quad Cities Wedding Photographer | Destination Wedding Photographer

Miriam Bulcher

How I met Dani

quad cities headshot photographer

Many of you know that I have worked for Sephora, well last year I was looking for models to build my portrait portfolio and a beautiful girl walked into Sephora. She was looking for a new concealer and her name was Olivia. I just asked her if she was interested in a being a model for me. She said, of course! I connected with her later on through Facebook and asked her to come into the studio. She came and asked if it was alright if she brought a friend, I said no problem! 

(Photo of Olivia on the right). Well Olivia's friend was Dani, and we had a great conversation while I did Olivia's hair and makeup. I then became friends with Dani. They joked around at the session who of them was going to get engaged first. Neither of them thought they were going to be getting engaged anytime in the near future. ;-) 

Dani Got Engaged! 

Next thing you know I see on Facebook that Dani got engaged! I giggled to myself as I remember very clearly the conversation that I just mentioned between the two of them. Dani messaged me soon after the engagement asking for my prices and we communicated from there. Soon she booked me for her wedding. I was SO ecstatic! Dani has an amazing personality, she is so friendly but also super real (probably why we get along) and we are both obsessed with makeup! I met Aaron for the first time in the fall and he is so perfect for Dani and they are ridiculously adorable together as seen here! 

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I've looked at these pictures for hours and even now looking at them again posting these, I'm just so in love with these two. THEY ARE SO DANG CUTE!!!! 

Geneseo Wedding Photography
Karpeles Museum Library
Rock Island Wedding Photography
Moline Wedding Photography
Iowa City Engagement Photography
Destination Engagement
Miriam Bulcher Photography

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Erika Boudoir | Quad Cities Boudoir Photography | Destination Boudoir

Miriam Bulcher

Erika came into my Davenport studio last week for some boudoir photos. I was super excited to photograph her because she has the most amazing red hair! Turns out she is actually a natural redhead but dyes it to be a brighter. When I uploaded these pictures to my computer, I immediately thought that her hair looks just like the little Mermaid!! If it was longer there wouldn't be any telling the difference really. 

Quad Cities bridal makeup artist

Erika's hair styling and makeup is by myself, Miriam. :) 

Bettendorf Photographer
Bettendorf Boudoir Photography

Erika brought in a beautiful kimono and a super cute green lingerie matching set. We took some photos in both of those outfits and moved on to what I call a white sheet session. I love the white sheet photos because they are simple, romantic and really allow the person to shine through without distraction. 

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After we finished up with the boudoir photos Erika tried on a dress from my studio wardrobe and we got some portraits of her in that too! She is so beautiful! 

quad cities headshot photographer

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