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Miriam Bulcher

I have been getting a lot of requests to photograph boudoir, and it wasn’t originally my intention but I’ve always wanted to approach boudoir in a different light than what is typically seen out there in the photography world. Since I now have a studio in Sun Prairie, just outside Madison, I figured it was time to dust off the boudoir photos!

Boudoir is about simplicity

A woman is gorgeous, she doesn’t need any special lingerie or certain pieces of clothing to show that off. Our beauty comes from within and I like to think of my job as a means of pulling that beauty out from within and showing someone how they can showcase it on the outside without being afraid.

I take this first and foremost during boudoir sessions as well, I don’t like to do complicated poses but simple, less is more in this case 100%.

I hope you enjoy these photos and if you are looking to book a boudoir session in Madison for yourself(take a day off and pamper yourself! I can work around travelling schedules if you’re travelling from Milwaukee or Chicago) Please call me or head over to my portrait page to contact me!

madison boudoir photography
madison photography
Madison photographer

Nicia’s makeup is by me. We left her hair totally natural for this session.

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Miriam Bulcher Madison boudoir photography
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Sun Prairie boudoir photography
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Sierra & Alex Engagement session at the Figge, Davenport Iowa | Madison Engagement Photographer | Madison Wedding Photography

Miriam Bulcher

madison engagement session

Sierra & Alex wanted to take some photos on the property that they purchased that their soon to be home will be built on in Buffalo, Iowa, which is such an adorable idea! To have cute memories there before the house is there is genius!

However, I was not expecting what I saw when I arrived. Alex had built this adorable backdrop out of logs and had put lanterns all around it along with drapery too! MY WORD! I was blown away!!

In addition to all this amazing ness, I didn’t think it would could get any better, BUT IT DID. They showed up to the second location at the Figge in Davenport, wearing full glam outfits and my heart almost stopped beating.

HOW AMAZING DO THEY LOOK???!!! I mean it’s a rhetorical question because obviously this is the best thing since sliced bread and they look damnnnnnnn good. My friends, there is NO such thing as too dressy for your photos. No such thing!!

Thank you Alex & Sierra for being so amazing, putting up with the rain and I am SO stoked for your wedding next year!

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Miriam bulcher madison engagement photography
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Figge Wedding Davenport iowa
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 The top part of the picture is the umbrella that had fallen down while I was shooting!

The top part of the picture is the umbrella that had fallen down while I was shooting!

Miriam Bulcher  Madison wedding

I hope you enjoyed these photos! I am currently booking weddings for 2019 in Madison, Quad Cities, Milwaukee or Chicago. If you are engaged, please contact me today! I’d love to capture your beautiful day with my awesome side kick husband!

Why you need to a portrait | Madison Headshot Photographer | Madison Boudoir Photography

Miriam Bulcher

Do you remember looking at old photos of your parents?

Or your grandparents, great grand parents, old photos in general of historical figures and being fascinated at the wardrobe, the hair, the way they held themselves. It’s like you could feel their presence and you got a glimpse of who they were through that photograph.

 My mother and her friend in 1960.

My mother and her friend in 1960.

 My Aunt peggy in

My Aunt peggy in

Photograph’s are timeless pieces of heirloom art

Sure, ,maybe not the cell phone picture you took of your food the other day, but how much would you treasure timeless photos of your mom, your dad, your siblings, or your children? I mean not a half blurry one on your cell phone but a real INTENTIONAL photograph that is designed to be preserved for over 200 years.

We live in the first timeless generation since the camera was invented.

When was the last time you printed photos? How many albums of printed photos do your parents or your relatives have? I dare you to go compare how many you have to how many your parents have. That right there tells you the danger we are in.

A cloud device will not be around forever. Will it last 200 years? Who knows, but if it’s password protected, how will you ensure that your future generations will have access to it? Will you children and their children be able to browse through albums like you did your parents and grandparents?

 Hair and makeup by me.

Hair and makeup by me.

Do you remember seeing classic portraits from the old days? It was part of the family tradition to go and get a portrait taken at least once. It was something they could keep forever and treasure it is exactly what they did. They dressed in their absolute best, even if they were farmers and only had ONE set of dress clothes, because they dressed in how they wanted to be remembered (though it’s not wrong to be photographed in your normal attire), yet most people want to put their best food forward in something that’s timeless.

 Photo of a family portrait in 1900 via google (Brooks family portrait)

Photo of a family portrait in 1900 via google (Brooks family portrait)

Why a portrait session with me is timeless

I offer a full session including wardrobe/wardrobe styling, hair and makeup and on set location to provide you photos of you looking your best and guide you through posing to ensure that you feel comfortable and look your best in photos.

When you look good, you feel good right?

With a full 3 hour session, including hair and makeup, you should feel empowered. It’s a different experienced being photographed by someone who really knows how to photograph YOU specific body type. My photography techniques vary per person because no one is the same and neither should my posing techniques be. This ensures that everyone will love their photos and look on them with pride.

madison boudoir photographer

Come in with your best friend, daughter, husband!

It might seem like a strange idea to be photographed by yourself, maybe you need to pamper yourself but maybe you want to be photographed with your best friend. You want to capture your friendship or your relationship with your children. There is no one size fits all.

Go fill a contact form over on this page to get started on your session! Let’s not waste any more time in documenting you and your beauty!!

What is a Women's Legacy Portrait Session? Part 1 | Madison Headshot Photographer | Madison Boudoir Photography

Miriam Bulcher

What exactly is a portrait session?

A portrait session is a 3 hour pampering session where you will get to choose from my studio wardrobe, or get wardrobe styling on the clothes you do have, get professional hair and makeup, and a 1.5 hour photography session either indoor or outdoor.

madison boudoir photography

Empowering women through photography

madison headshot photographer

Are you terrified of being photographed?

As a society, the advertising industry has done an incredible job to lower the self esteem of every single woman on the planet.

I’m here to tell you that you deserve to feel beautiful and loved right now, TODAY regardless of how much weight you want to lose or that you’ve already convinced yourself that you shouldn’t exist in photos.

You deserve to feel beautiful and experience a model like session.

This is what I provide. Who doesn’t like to know what it would be like to have a photo shoot like a model? That’s every woman’s dream right?

Well let’s get you in the calendar, with beautiful dresses, hair and makeup, I can make you feel how you SHOULD feel every single day, because you are beautiful and you deserve it.

madison maternity photography


madison boudoir photos

I also offer boudoir photography for those that want to be more comfortable with their bodies or perhaps want to mark a milestone in weight loss OR you want to give this as a gift to a significant other (these make great Christmas gifts!)

Professional hair, makeup, lingerie or more risque dresses are all provided so there is no need to worry about spending additional money for the session.

madison boudoir photography

All session fees include hair and makeup.

Win one of these sessions!

I am giving away a full women’s portrait or boudoir session to ONE lucky person in Wisconsin! Please get on my email list and I will be announcing a winner on October 15th!

Bridget & Joe's Wedding at The Outing Club Davenport, IA | Madison Wedding Photographer | Quad Cities Wedding Photographer

Miriam Bulcher

Bridget & Joe met at work and Joe kept asking Bridget to go on a date, she found it a little annoying and finally gave in. As Bridget’s best friend put it “thank goodness for Joe’s persistence!”

When you see Bridget and Joe together, you can feel their connection, this is one of the reasons I love photographing weddings. Love is an amazing thing to be around and words can’t describe how beautiful Bridget and Joe are together. Thank you for having us capture your beautiful day!

Casey from Bright Designs knocked it out of the park with all the planning and the design, plus a huge thanks to all the vendors who made this day incredible!

quad cities wedding photography
noted design wedding invitations

Wedding Planning & Decor: Bright DeSigns

Invitations & Paper Goods: Noted Designs

Flowers: Flowers by Staacks

Venue: The Outing Club

Bride’s Dress: Olvi’s from La Belle Vie Boutique

Bridesmaids dresses: David’s Bridal

Tuxs: Mens Wearhouse

Rings: Revell Jewelers

DJ: Double H Entertainment

Hair and Makeup: On the Edge Salon

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the outing club wedding davenport iowa
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Contact us to book your 2019 or 2020 wedding! We would love to photograph your special day! info@miriambulcher.com

Delavonta & Kendra Chicago Wedding at The Empress | Chicago Wedding Photographer | Madison Wedding Photography

Miriam Bulcher

Paul and I have had the pleasure of knowing Delavonta & Kendra for about 3 years. Paul and Delavonta worked together at Galaxy One for a few years together, but they stayed in touch after we moved to Madison.

When Delavonta and Kendra got engaged, we were SO SO happy because they are an incredible match together, and obviously were meant for each other. The story of how they met is so fun and hopefully I get all the detail right! Kendra was living in Chicago at the time and had needed cable, Delavonta was working for Dish (a cable company) and came over to install it for her. Later on she was having problems with her remote so she called him (as techs often will leave their phone number in case the customer has trouble). He helped her over the phone and then asked her if he could keep her number.

Eventually they got together and the rest is history, thank goodness! :) The wedding was so incredibly stunning being at the gorgeous venue of the Empress in Chicago.

Chicago wedding photographer
chicago wedding
bridal wedding shoes

I hope you enjoy these pictures, and thanks to the vendor too!

Venue: The Empress

Wedding Planning: Red Berries Events

Florals: D’s Flowers


Cake: The Baking Institute

Dress: David’s Bridal

Shoes: Jessical Simpson

Rings: Necker’s Jewelers

Makeup: Tia

Hair: Jennifer

Men’s Tux: GQ Formalwear

chicago wedding photography
Chicago wedding planner
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The empress chicago
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Miriam bulcher madison wedding photographer
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Please contact us to book your 2019 or 2020 wedding! Our 2019 calendar is almost full! info@miriambulcher.com

Olbrich Garden Engagement & Traditional Hmong Civil Ceremony | Madison Wedding Photography | Madison Engagement Photography

Miriam Bulcher

Yesterday and today have been amazing for me! Yesterday started with hair and makeup for Rattaya in preparation for her engagement session. We then went to Olbrich Gardens to capture some beautiful engagement photos. It was so stunning and while it rained all of the day before and in the morning, the sun came out for us to give us these beautiful photos! 

Today I photographed their civil wedding ceremony at Good Shepard Church in Madison and they wore their traditional Hmong outfits. How stunning are they?!!! Hope you enjoy these photos! 

Hair and makeup on Rattaya by me. 

Madison Engagement Rings
Olbrich Gardens in Madison WI
Madison Engagement in Olbrich Gardens
Madison Engagement Photography
Miriam Bulcher Madison Engagement Photography
Thai Pavillion Engagement Olbrich Gardens
Olbrich Garden Engagement Session in Madison, WI
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Traditional Thai Wedding Ceremony, WI
Thai Wedding in Madison, WI
Madison Thai Wedding Photography

Thank you so much Matthew and Rattaya for having me photograph your engagement and ceremony! It's been such a pleasure!

Madison Wedding Ceremony & Reception Venue: The Lageret in Stoughton | Madison Wedding Photography

Miriam Bulcher

I had the opportunity of photographing the Lageret Wedding Venue located in Stoughton last week. I had heard of it before and seen photos of it but had never been in person. 

Enough space for both ceremony and reception

It's rare to have a venue that can host both the ceremony and the reception without having to flip the space (rearrange chairs, tables etc). 

The Lageret is big enough and has two floors that you can have your pick of where you want your ceremony and where you would like your reception! It is quite stunning and totally worth the drive if you choose to have your wedding there. 

Be sure to check out this space if you haven't found a venue yet for your Madison Wedding!

I am currently booking 2019 weddings, contact me today to schedule your consultation!  

Wedding Planning & Decor: Wood Violet Events

Florals: Flora by Jamae.

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The lageret Wedding Venue in Stoughton
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Wood Violet  Events Wedding Planning the Lageret
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Wood Violet Events & Styling at the Lageret
Wedding Reception Venue in Madison