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What exactly is a portrait session?

A portrait session is a 3 hour pampering session where you will get to choose from my studio wardrobe, or get wardrobe styling on the clothes you do have, get professional hair and makeup, and a 1.5 hour photography session either indoor at my Madison studio or outdoor.

madison head shot photography

Empowering women through photography

madison portrait photography

Are you terrified of being photographed?

As a society, the advertising industry has done an incredible job to lower the self esteem of every single woman on the planet.

I’m here to tell you that you deserve to feel beautiful and loved right now, TODAY regardless of how much weight you want to lose or that you’ve already convinced yourself that you shouldn’t exist in photos.

You deserve to feel beautiful and experience a model like session.

This is what I provide. Who doesn’t like to know what it would be like to have a photo shoot like a model? That’s every woman’s dream right?

Well let’s get you in the calendar, with beautiful dresses, hair and makeup, I can make you feel how you SHOULD feel every single day, because you are beautiful and you deserve it.

madison maternity photography


madison boudoir photography miriam bulcher photography

I also offer boudoir photography for those that want to be more comfortable with their bodies or perhaps want to mark a milestone in weight loss OR you want to give this as a gift to a significant other (these make great Christmas gifts!)

Professional hair, makeup, lingerie or more risque dresses are all provided so there is no need to worry about spending additional money for the session.

madison boudoir photography

All session fees include hair and makeup.

Book your session!

ISelf love comes in many forms and I help women to embark on a journey of loving themselves. It’s hard to see how amazing we are until someone shows us. Contact me today to book your session: 608-622-7752 | info@miriambulcher.com

Reasons to have a (destination) Elopement | Destination Elopement Photographer | Madison Wedding Photography | Wisconsin Wedding Photography

Miriam Bulcher

why to elope madison wedding photography miriam bulcher photography

Wedding Planning is stressful, but what’s even MORE stressful than wedding planning is trying to please both sides of the family.

If you consider yourself in this category or you don’t have a large family and don’t care for the large party experience I would highly suggest an eloping and here’s why.

  1. Eloping doesn’t have the same meaning it did back in years past. Here’s the old school definition of eloping: noun: an act or instance of running off secretly, as to be married. Elopement doesn’t carry the same meaning so much nowadays. It simply means that you want to have a small intimate ceremony with just your parents and witnesses or just the two of you.

  2. Low cost. Compared to that of paying for all the flowers, food, dresses, decor, you can put it into your own outfits, and saving it for travelling to a destination to do the ceremony, in addition you’ll have some left over to travel afterwards!

  3. Cutting out potential drama. Only you know your family, but in many instances, this solution of having an elopement actually saves relationships that might be strained with wedding planning.

  4. You love to travel. So simple. You love to travel and you want to get married in one of your favorite spots in the world. Elope! It’s significantly easier to plan for just 3 people than 300 if you’re doing it in a different country.

  5. You can always have a reception party at home after you return from your elopement. Want the party without the all the formal details? Host a reception party when you come home!

destination elopement paris wedding photographer, madison wedding photography miriam bulcher photography
madison wedding photographer, why to elope

Have the absolute time of your life with the most incredible memories that you could only dream of.

Don’t limit your reality to just your dreams. Eloping is so simple, and yet so intimate. I love elopements because the emotion you feel could be cut with a knife in the air. It’s so intense, and so amazing. I know you can envision it as I write this. With just the focus on the two of you and the love you have, it makes for amazing memories and amazing images.

reasons to elope madison wedding photography

Quick note: Just don’t pick a spot that you’ve seen from Instagram or Pinterest. Go with a location that means the most to you and your partner, because it’s about your relationship, not what’s trending right now on social media!

Contact me today to schedule a free consultation if you have questions about wedding photography! 608-622-7752 | info@miriambulcher.com

New Studio in Madison! | Madison Portrait & Family Photography | Madison Senior Photography | Madison Luxury Photography

Miriam Bulcher

I can’t believe I get to share this with you all! I am so excited to have a new studio space that’s is located in Madison, not Sun Prairie and I couldn’t be more pleased!

Madison Portrait and family photography services

It’s super exciting for a multitude of reasons:

  1. I can photograph large and extended families up to 20 people!! So you can bring your grandparents and your family in for a whole shoot! Plus Grandma can have her makeup done too, how amazing is that?

  2. I can host events, and actually i’m having a beginners makeup class on April 27th!

  3. There is a whole other separate room to hang out in for loved ones/family/kids so that you can bring them along with you while you’re getting photographed. I will have a kids play area as well as a tv so there’s something for everyone!

  4. Private entrance. No more confusion on where to go! I have my own door! No missing me now. :)

  5. Easier parking.

  6. You get a better experience.

The last point is really why I got this space. I want my clients to literally have the best experience possible when they come in for a photoshoot. That’s why I started this portrait business and the studio is a huge part of that!

It’s located at 5310 Wall St. in Madison, WI. Stay tuned for a grand opening! It’s going to be amazing! In the meantime, go follow me over on my Facebook page, and my Instagram to see updates on me furnishing it!

Also, now is a great time to schedule a family session/extended family session, maybe as a gift for Mother’s Day? Contact me today to book yours! info@miriambulcher.com | 608-622-7752

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Breaking Societal Rules to be self confident & love yourself | Madison headshot photographer | Madison portrait photography | Madison Boudoir photography

Miriam Bulcher

I’m not suggestion you go break the law, that’s not the type of rules we are talking about right now.

how to be confident, madison boudoir photogrpahy

Have you ever asked yourself why it is that slimmer girls appear to get more likes and more popular faster on social media?

Have you ever asked yourself why as moms we think we have to do all these things that other moms are doing in order to be a “good mom”?

Have you ever asked yourself why you feel like crap after you go on social media?

It’s time to put a stop to being compared, feeling lesser than, feeling like an outcast because of your body type. Say F it to ALL OF IT and let’s get empowered together.

I started reading the book “Braving the wilderness” by Brene Brown last week and boy, it’s summarized what I’ve been trying to accomplish over the last year.

Why am I me? What does being me even mean? What is my mission in life? What am I suppose to share with others and how am I supposed to help others? How do I be me without letting fear and anxiety of become that amazing person take over?

We as humans are afraid of change, even if that change means that the most amazing things in our world are going to happen. Why can’t we be like little kids and just go for it so fast without stopping and thinking about it for years?

madison newborn photographer

I’m suggesting that you envision that person you know in your gut you are called to be, all anxiety and mental health aside, what calls to you? What does that person look like? Forget body types, let’s talk about your passions, your talents, how YOU want to help other people. Focus on it so much that all else doesn’t seem as scary. The desire to be confident, to be that amazing person should trump any fear and anxiety you have (if it doesn’t yet, don’t worry, it takes time)

Take small steps, you must get outside of your comfort zone in order to be this amazing person, great things don’t come without some form of discomfort. Discomfort is not a bad thing!

I hope that this words today help you in some way, I hope that they inspire you to be amazing person you’re called to be. Reach inside your soul, listen and jump. Do that every single day.

madison headshot photographer

I invite you to schedule a photoshoot for yourself, because it is important that in order to see what that confident woman looks like even if you can’t feel it right now. Contact me today to book yours. 608-622-7752 | info@miriambulcher.com

Miriam Bulcher is a local Madison, Sun Prairie, Middleton, luxury portrait photographer. She specializes in a full service portrait studio experience to empower men and women by offering in home wardrobe consultations, professional hair, makeup, and vogue like photoshoot. She services all of Madison as well as Milwaukee, Chicago, Iowa and beyond!

Where to get wedding favors that make your life easy | Madison wedding Photographer | Wisconsin wedding photography

Miriam Bulcher

With all the options out there regarding wedding planning in its entirety, searching anything for google would be enough to send you into an anxiety attack.

Which is why I write this blog, if you are a bride of mine or a fan, I’m here to make your life easier so you don’t have to go weeding through google and preventing those panic attacks!

Joe over at https://foreverweddingfavors.com/ sent me some super adorable wedding favors that actually look cute. I’m here to tell you all that the variety you will find on that site is amazing, you’ll be sure to find something for your guests.

Deck of cards, love magnets, picture frames

Deck of cards, love magnets, picture frames

How cute is that cabernet sauvignon bottle? It’s a corkscrew to open your wine! So dang cute.

wedding favors madison wedding photographer

This barely scratches the surface. If you are in need of a place to purchase your wedding favors, head on over now! https://foreverweddingfavors.com/


I for one, will for sure be putting to use these salt and pepper shakers on my dining room table.

If you are in need of a wedding photographer for your Wisconsin wedding, be sure to reach out today! We are booking 2020 and 2021 weddings. :) info@miriambulcher.com | 608-622-7752

Your local Sun Prairie & Madison Senior Photographer | Madison Senior photography | Sun Prairie Senior Photography

Miriam Bulcher

Sun prairie senior photography

Can you believe how fast 2019 is flying by? It’s the end of the school year in a couple months and that means that the graduating class of 2020 is coming up soon! Sorry parents, I’m sure that is terrifying you, BUT, I’m here to help!

I am currently booking senior photo sessions in the Madison and Sun Prairie area for the class of 2020 and this year, these sessions are beyond amazing, here’s why:


Did you read that right? You might need to read that again. How FUN is that?! Getting to be a model for a day is almost every high school girl’s dream and i’m here to make it come true.

Scroll down to see what it ALL INCLUDED in these sessions!

madison senior portraits & photography

Here’s what it includes:

  • Custom wardrobe consultation & styling and/or personal shopping consultation (if you want new outfits for your shoot)

  • Start the day off with a manicure and pedicure that’s included in the cost of the session!

  • Professional hair and makeup along with makeup changes to match the outfits being worn

  • Photo shoot both inside and outside, your choice! Outdoor can be up to 4 locations.

  • Catered lunch because modelling is hard work. :)

  • Have the time of your life!

local madison senior photographer

Don’t miss out on scheduling this session! I’m so excited to be offering this because it is an amazing experience and will create incredible lasting memories.

Contact me today to book your senior model photo shoot! 608-622-7752 | info@miriambulcher.com

local sun prairie senior photographer studio

Get mom a pampering photo shoot for Mother's Day ! | Madison portrait photographer | Madison Photographer

Miriam Bulcher

Mother’s Day is just around the corner!

It’s time to start thinking now what you’re going to gift the mom or grandmother in your life! They’ve worked so hard and maybe they still are working hard for you. Raising humans is no easy task and I’m here to help you solve your Mother’s Day Gift dilemma!

Introducing the Ultimate Luxury Mother’s Day Photo Session. It’s the epitome of pampering and I’m going to tell you why! Watch the video below:

madison photographer

This is what’s included

  1. In Home Wardrobe Consultation

  2. Professional Hair and Makeup

  3. Celebrity like photoshoot including posing for your body type so that you LOVE your photos.

  4. Look AND feel amazing!!

You can gift this session to someone else or you can get it for yourself! Let’s celebrate mom by pampering her! All for just $290

My photography studio is located in Madison, WI and it’s the perfect place for a girls day out if you want to bring your daughter, sister or best friend!

Contact me today to gift or schedule your session! 608-622-7752 | info@miriambulcher.com

You can also view more information about this Mother’s Day photo shoot here.

You need to ask your wedding photographer how they store your photos | Madison Wedding Photographer | Wedding Photography TIps

Miriam Bulcher

It’s a crucial and very necessary question.

Yet, probably one you wouldn’t have thought to ask but I’m here to help! I had a situation come up recently where I had to go back into my archives and get photos for clients, ones that were not delivered.

I’ve heard too many horror stories from other friends, acquaintainces and clients friends about wedding photographers and I really want to eliminate any of those scenarios happening to you, which is why I am bringing you this video today!

Storage is a huge part of a photographer’s life .It’s expensive, but SO NECESSARY. Especially because I warranty my clients their photos for life and for the “just in case” terrible scenarios that nobody wants to happen but do happen sometimes. Watch for more information on why you should be asking your wedding photographer at the consultation, how they handle storing photos.

I hope this helps all brides who haven’t booked their photographer yet and are currently in consultations with photographers. I personally think this is one of the most important questions you could ask in a consultation!

My husband and I are currently booking 2020 weddings! If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Madison or for a destination wedding, give us a call! 608-622-7752! info@miriambulcher.com

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Julie Pillard Mother & Daughter Portrait Session | Madison Family Photography | Madison headshot photographer

Miriam Bulcher

A beautiful mother daughter portrait session

Julie has been following me for a while on my facebook and reached out to me in November when I had a black friday special. She really wanted to do photos not just for herself but for her daughter too! She wanted to create some beautiful memories that she could share with her daughter not just now, but for forever and pass them onto her as a momento. She was excited to make a day trip to Madison from the Quad Cities and spend some quality time with her daughter at my photo studio.

madison family photographer
Madison headshot photographer

Julie was especially excited for the professional hair and makeup, it’s included with each session so that you feel pampered and good about yourself, cause it shows in the photographs! Whenever a client is so excited for their hair and makeup it makes me even more excited too, there can never be enough joy for getting your photos taken!

After hair and makeup we looked at wardrobe, Julie brought a few things with her from home but she was really interested in my studio wardrobe. After digging around she decided on a GORGEOUS green dress that fit her perfectly and made her photos look so amazing!

Thank you so much Julie for choosing me to photograph you and your beautiful daughter!

Madison children photography

I am going to be posting a special soon for mother/daughter or grandmother photo sessions for Mother’s Day! If you are interested, please stay keep an eye on the blog and my facebook page!

Contact me today to book your personalized photo session. 608-622-7752 | info@miriambulcher.com