Erika Boudoir | Quad Cities Boudoir Photography | Destination Boudoir

Miriam Bulcher

Erika came into my Davenport studio last week for some boudoir photos. I was super excited to photograph her because she has the most amazing red hair! Turns out she is actually a natural redhead but dyes it to be a brighter. When I uploaded these pictures to my computer, I immediately thought that her hair looks just like the little Mermaid!! If it was longer there wouldn't be any telling the difference really. 

Quad Cities bridal makeup artist

Erika's hair styling and makeup is by myself, Miriam. :) 

Bettendorf Photographer
Bettendorf Boudoir Photography

Erika brought in a beautiful kimono and a super cute green lingerie matching set. We took some photos in both of those outfits and moved on to what I call a white sheet session. I love the white sheet photos because they are simple, romantic and really allow the person to shine through without distraction. 

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After we finished up with the boudoir photos Erika tried on a dress from my studio wardrobe and we got some portraits of her in that too! She is so beautiful! 

quad cities headshot photographer

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Our Anniversary | Quad Cities Wedding Photographer

Miriam Bulcher

Yesterday was my husband and I's 6th wedding anniversary. To say we've been through hell and back together is a bit of an understatement considering that we've only been together for 7 years. 

halifax wedding photographer

We met online, I was living in Toronto at the time and Paul was living in WI. He traveled up to meet me and we saw each other in person approx 3 times before we got engaged. We had been together for 6 months. I think most of my family thought it wasn't going to last, well I don't blame them. Looking back at it now it was pretty quick to get engaged after 6 months! 

We got married the following year in 2011 on June 18th in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was FREEZING!!! Summers in Nova Scotia don't really start until the end of July so really it was a dumb idea to get married in June, LOL. I would have chosen August now looking back at it.

After our wedding, we started the immigration process for Paul to become a permanent resident in Canada. Well, unfortunately, we suffered some serious bad luck as Paul never received his work permit and financially it took a toll on us. We decided to turn the tables, and Paul went back to the US. I was pregnant with Aaron at the time (our youngest) and stayed in Canada to give birth there. I gave birth without Paul and then after when trying to visit the US I got barred from entering. Paul and I were separated for 29 months in total from February 2013 to July of 2015 while our immigration paperwork got figured out (they also lost my file in the process). I don't wish that on any couple but we are so glad it's over now! 

All of our photos here were taken at the infamous Peggy's Cove right on the ocean in Nova Scotia. All photos taken by Layton Reid. 

Because we have only celebrated 3 of 6 wedding anniversaries together I decided it was time we got some updated couple photos. I asked Makenna from Memento Vitae Studio's to capture some, and she did an amazing job! (These photos are edited by me). 

Here's to celebrating many more wedding anniversaries together than apart. 

France Part 1 | Paris Destination Wedding Photographer

Miriam Bulcher

I have finally finished a segment of my France pictures and I am here on a Sunday night excited to type up this blog post and share them with you! Everything was so beautiful and the Chateau De Bouthonvilliers in Dangeau is so serene it really did feel like a retreat while I was there! 

France Destination Photographer
Europe Destination Wedding Photographer

The Chateau is actually an Air Bnb but it is surrounded by farms and the owner lives on the property in another house (above right) that is attached to a barn. The grounds are incredibly well kept as seen from these photos. This property has been passed down from generation to generation and it is precious to them. It is so beautiful! 

Chateau du Bouthonviliers

I did an engagement session at the Chateau and it was absolutely stunning. Shelby and David had just gotten engaged a few days before in Paris so it was literally perfect. Not to mention they are such a good looking couple! 

France engagement photographer
Paris Engagement Photographer
Quad Cities Wedding Photographer
Provence Wedding Photographer
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France Engagement Session

I also photographed a portrait session there as well. The vespa's are such a perfect addition to the session. A dream destination portrait sessions are a great way to mark a milestone in your life! 

France Portrait Photographer
Dream destination photoshoot
Quad Cities Portrait Photographer
Bettendorf Photographer
Bettendorf Senior Photographer
Miriam Bulcher Quad Cities Boudoir Photographer
Miriam Bulcher Quad Cities Senior Photography

Next: The Wedding!! 

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That's it for now. Stay tuned for Part 2 which is all about Paris! 

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Chris' Proposal to Lori | Quad Cities Wedding Photography

Miriam Bulcher

Chris contacted me last week after his other planned photographer had cancelled on him as he had a proposal schedule for this week and needed someone. Not only was I extremely excited but so happy that I could help him make this wonderful day as perfect as it could be! 

Chris has everything planned to take place at Vander Veer because Lori went to school at St. Ambrose and naturally, fell in love with Vander Veer park. It is such a beautiful spot in Davenport and perfect for a proposal! 

quad cities engagement photography

Everything was set up just as Chris wanted it and the role I played was just to tell Lori that Chris had scheduled some photos for the two of them. I brought Lori to my studio to get dressed and headed back to the park. I told her where to meet him and it was so cute. Chris had set up pictures of the two of them along the rose garden and he was hiding behind a pillar. He comes out when she gets close and says a few words then get's down on one knee. 

davenport engagement photography
bettendorf photographer
iowa city wedding photography

Such an amazing moment and I am so so lucky to be a part of their day. They are such a cute couple!!! Hope you enjoy the photos! 

quad cities wedding
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McMahon + Keller Wedding | Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

Miriam Bulcher

Mary and Peter met through Church. Mary had just moved to Minneapolis and was trying to meet some locals. Being Catholic, she went to a Church event but wasn't have any success meeting new friends and finally decided that she was going to introduce herself to someone before she left. She spotted a couple and went up and introduced herself, turns out they weren't a couple but Peter was there with his sister. 

Quad Cities Wedding Photography

Mary became friends with Peter and made it very clear she wasn't looking for anything more than that. Well, as time went on their friendship turned into more than that and now we get to call them husband and wife! Peter is a pilot, so it's only fitting that their relationship (and thus photos) all share one theme: flying. As well as Mary's heritage: the Irish. 

Their wedding day, though it was raining, was incredible. The amount of joy, and love that their families have for one another is infectious. It was an incredible honour being apart of their beautiful day. Congratulations Mary and Peter!

  • Dress by Mori Lee purchased at Wedding by Deb
  • DJ John Vavrin
  • Rings from
  • Reception at Stanton Air Field who also helped with decor
  • Flowers by Mary and her friends: Joanie Saunders, Kaitlyn Takach and Elizabeth Eager
  • Hair and Makeup on Mary and some of her bridesmaids: Miriam Bulcher Photography
Destination Wedding Photographer

Katie's Intro Senior Photos | Quad Cities Senior Photography

Miriam Bulcher

Katie is a new senior ambassador for Miriam Bulcher Photography, I am so excited to have her on my team! We did an introduction session last night and how drop dead gorgeous is she?!!! It was a perfect evening down by the river in Bettendorf, no flies and a little bit of wind to create what I call "Beyonce Hair." ;-) 

Her mother is coming into the studio for a branding session next week and let me tell you, good genes are stunning in this family. 

Thank you, Katie, for letting me take your photos. I can't wait to photograph your full senior session! Hair and makeup by me. 

Quad Cities Senior Photographer
Bettendorf Senior Photography
Davenport Senior Photography
Geneseo Senior Photography
Bettendorf Photographer
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Darlean Headshots | Quad Cities Headshot Photography

Miriam Bulcher

Darlean found me through watching Paula Sands and contacted me for some headshots. Darlean is a platinum member of Posh and has been working for them almost since the beginning. She needed some new photos of herself, as well since she's lost 100 lbs too! How incredibly beautiful does she look? In both her before and after. 

Thank you Darlean for coming in and letting me take your photos. You are an amazing soul! 

Quad Cities headshot photographer

Darlean's hair and makeup is done by me. 

If you are in need of headshots, I am happy to help you with your branding for your business, to ensure that your photos match you as well as your brand. Please call me today to schedule yours! 563.676.3980 Photos can be taken inside my studio in Davenport or outside at another location. 

davenport boudoir photography
quad cities boudoir photography

Laura's Mother Daughters Photos | Quad Cities Family Photography

Miriam Bulcher

Laura came from Geneseo to get some photos taken of her with her daughters. I have to tell you that Laura is an INCREDIBLE graphic designer and actually is launching a magazine called Whitespace. It's so amazing and you can see that here.

Quad Cities family photographer

Before the shoot, we connected on the phone and Laura expressed that she really wants to have some pictures of just her and her daughters to pass on to them so they have memories that they can remember their mother by. A time they shared together and also memories of just mom too. I am honoured that Laura choose me to do this for her and I hope you enjoy the photos! 

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QCMB Bloom Event } Quad Cities Maternity Photography

Miriam Bulcher

The Quad Cities Mom Blog hosted an evening two weeks ago for pregnant or new mothers. It was held at The Group in Davenport and there were many vendors from clothing, doula, food and they also had a Q&A as well which went over really well! I had the opportunity to be a part of it and take a portrait of each mother if they wanted one. The purpose was this to put together a flipbook showing the many different looks of motherhood. 

A lot of the mothers mentioned how they didn't have makeup on but I was glad to hear they still wanted a portrait anyways.

Every single woman I photographed is STUNNING.

When you look at them, you see the beauty in their face and the beauty in the baby they are carrying, both inside and outside. A portrait is more than just a picture, it really shows you that person and I can tell from looking at these images that these mothers were having an amazing time that night - hanging out with their friends and getting great information/goodie bags that would help them with their new addition. This is what motherhood is all about, supporting other mothers, growing a tribe that makes mothering easier. After all, it is the hardest and most important job in the world. Mother's are always taken for granted, and it's so crucial to make sure that this growing or new baby stage to be documented. 

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