ABOUT Miriam Bulcher

I'm Miriam, a mother, wife and I have an intense desire to help other women see their beauty. Before becoming a makeup artist I struggled with my self image. Makeup and photography led me through a journey to be happy with my face and body, the one God took his time to make.


With my makeup and photography skills I love to photograph and style women. Being pampered does wonders for one's self esteem, but to be pampered AND photographed does wonders for empowering a woman's self confidence. Let me take the best portrait you've ever seen. I promise, you will leave feeling empowered and more in love with yourself than ever. 


Photos by Nicole Lapierre Photography

Photos by Nicole Lapierre Photography

When it comes to weddings, my husband Paul and I are a team. He is my second shooter and so we are a husband and wife photography duo! I taught Paul everything that I know because he showed interest and we really love spending time together, plus it also makes it easier for him to photograph the groomsmen! 

Here's a little bit about Paul:

  • He was born and raised in Wisconsin
  • Has an insane attention to detail
  • Is OCD about organization and getting it done right no matter what. 
  • Literally the kindest soul you will meet on the planet. Wouldn't hurt a fly.
  • Obsessed with fedora hats. See photos. ;-)  
  • He is the best Father! 
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